Fireside Friends

Fireside Friends

Welcome to Fireside Friends, a bi-weekly podcast that discusses various forms of media (movies, video games, short fiction, etc.) and how they reflect our lives. Hosted by Ryan Persaud, Allen Ibrahim, and Kaity Marie.

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    Persona Non Grata - Episode 1

    Join Allen and Ryan as they make their way through Persona 5! This episode, we discuss our thoughts on the first dungeon, our favorite (and least favorite) characters, and the game's muddled politics.

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    Episode 29 - Gettin' Friendly

    Fireside Friends is finally back from hiatus! This episode, we discuss the film Four Lions and challenging various preconceptions about terrorism.

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    Episode 28 - This Is Feminism

    We discuss Paper Girls Vol. 1 & 2, the reductive taxonomy of media, and the problems with male writers being upheld as feminists in the comics industry.

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    Episode 27 - 24/7 Star Wars Chat

    Tzufit joins us as we discuss The Force Awakens, the absurdity of the prequel trilogy, and our predictions for the future of Star Wars.

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    Episode 26 - Pan Pan Pan

    Fireside Friends turns a year old this week! In celebration, the crew briefly talks about changes coming to the show before discussing Pan's Labyrinth.

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    Episode 25 - You Must Adapt

    Brenna joins us once again as we discuss "The Evaluators: To Trade With Aliens, You Must Adapt" by N.K. Jemisin.

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    Episode 24 - Goodbye, 2016

    We made it past the flaming hellscape that is 2016, and onto what is looking to be an even greater hellscape that is 2017. Despite all of the negativity in the world, the Fireside Friends crew found time to sit down and reflect positively on the media that they enjoyed in 2016.

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    Episode 23 - Merry Krampus

    We talk Overwatch's holiday event, Pokemon Sun and Moon, and discuss Krampus for our shared experience!

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